10:00am - Sunday Worship Service

We'll start with worship with theeffect band and then hear from several speakers and Pastor Dave. We'll paint a picture of the mission, vision, and essential distinctions that set theeffect apart as followers of a Jesus who speaks with a clarity and common sense approach to life that can't help but transform us from the inside out.

11:10am Tours of the new facility

11:30am - Home grilled BBQ served outside

Then we'll move outside to the barbecues to gather lunch and listen to music from our two twin violinists, members of theeffect band who are composers, major motion picture film scorers, and incredible musicians.It will be a day to take time and get to know each other and theeffect much better.

Please add yourself to the headcount. Simply register below so that we can make sure there is enough food for everyone!

Here's our new address again in case you need it: Theeffect Church 1040 Calle Negocio San Clemente, CA 92673 949-218-2228